Did You Know

  •  By 2017 over 70% of ALL web traffic will come from video
  • Videos posted in Facebook are shared TWICE as often as written or image based content
  • And YouTube now reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than ANY cable network and it’s accelerating fast.

In fact, the search engines are already favoring videos  in their search results even if it’s newer and has less authority than the equivalent content in written form.

video-rankingThis means you no longer have a choice whether or not to deliver your content through video.

VIDEO is now the primary way people want to learn, shop, and interact online.

This YouTube SEO Tips series gives you 13 simple and actionable tricks to use to consistently win traffic- pumping No.1 rankings with video.

It’s a quick and easy read, so go ahead, read it now, and start applying these tricks to your videos to get them ranking higher and generating a ton more traffic from both Youtube and Google today.

I hope you enjoy the series. I’d love to hear your feedback. And by the way please reach out to me if you want a 30 minute complimentary strategy session.