I went to Shaw Auto Care to take advantage of a Groupon offer. After checking in I went to a local Starbucks to wait on my repair. While at Starbucks I performed a local search to see if Shaw Auto would come up in the google rankings. Well he was nowhere to be found even though I search for many different combinations of local keywords. So when I returned to his shop to pick up my car I told him that he had no online presence at all. I said to him, “Steve, if I can get an article about your business on the first page of google in 72 hours, would you be willing to talk to me about doing that for on a monthly basis. He said yes. I wrote the first article and it was on the first page of google in 72 hours. He was amazed. I have since written just 4 articles. Now his business is ranking for many, many combinations of local key words. He was even in the 3 pack or “money box” within three months. He had first page rankings in two months. Call me, Dan, at 330-957-5392 I’d love to talk with you about getting more leads for your business.